Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wild Mustang oil painting by MJ Zorad

Abstract Horse Painting
Oil Painting
15" x 30" Oil on Canvas

Mary Jo Zorad
In the next dew days we will be rebuilding our new professional greenhouse, with metal framing and uvh resistant covering. Little did we know that the ground needs leveling and it must be completely squared. Luckily our neighbor is a retired contractor and knows the ropes and has agreed to help. All our neighbors are great. Last year when we had the huge snow storm that dumped over 15 inches n a couple of days another neighbor with a tractor came to plow our driveway. It is over 250 feet long and it was impossible to get out. According to the Farmers Almanac it will be a dryer and warmer winter, however, the fall is slated to be a wet one. Sometimes I long for the warm winter months of Los Angeles my first home. It's all good though. This painting is an abstract with the Wild Mustang running. I promise to post more of my painting this month. Somehow last month got away from me with the postings. If you are interested in something similar please contact me.
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Mary Jo Zorad, Olympia, WA
Mary Jo Zorad
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